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Which Children Need Special Needs Equipment

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There are several disorders that may require your child to use special needs equipment.  Children who suffer from disorders such as epilepsy or seizures may benefit from our helmets to help prevent head injuries during a fall.  They are also useful for children with disorders such as hemophilia, because they can protect the child from cranial injuries that can lead to uncontrolled bleeding.  This type of protection can mean the difference between a minor fall and a trip to the hospital for emergency treatment.

Does my Child Need to use Special Needs Equipment

The only person who can answer that question would be your child’s doctor.  They will be able to tell you exactly what type of equipment your child needs and how that equipment will offer protection.  Our helmets are designed to protect your child from cranial injuries, but they may also require other types of equipment, depending on their specific disorder.

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Sizing Helmets for Special Needs Children

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It is fairly easy to size helmets for special needs children.  When you are ready to order a helmet, all you need to do is measure the circumference of your child’s head.  This can be done with either a cloth tape measure or a piece of string.  You wrap the item gently around your child’s head, about an inch above the eyebrows and above each ear.  You then note the measurement on the tape measure, or mark the place on the string, and then measure it with a conventional ruler.

Why Order Helmets for Special Needs Children

Children who have problems with balance or seizures can get added protection by using helmets for special needs children.  Our helmets are designed to give the child a full 180-degrees of vision and are made of rubber so that they still breathe, letting air circulate under the helmet.  This helps your child stay cool and prevents the buildup of sweat around the hairline.

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Protect your Child with Helmets for Head Banging Disorders

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While helmets for head banging disorders may seem odd, it is important to help protect these children until a solution is found for their specific type of disorder.  These children may have instances of spasticity that lead to them banging their heads against a wall or the side of the bed.  This can lead to a cranial injury that may make the illness worse.  Our helmets are designed to prevent injuries to the skull and offer parents a feeling of security, knowing that they are helping protect their child from injury.

Where can I Purchase Helmets for Head Banging

If you are visiting our site, then you have already made the first step in getting helmets for head banging children.  Our helmets are designed to afford the best protection against cranial injuries, while still allowing your child a full field of vision and the ability to play.  Parents who order our helmets are taking the first step to helping their children lead a safer life.

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Head Injuries Require Equipment for Special Needs

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Children and adults who have to have head surgery can benefit from using equipment for special needs on a temporary basis.  Our helmets fall under this category and allow the skull to recover without any added trauma.  They can help by adding an extra layer of protection and give the skull time to heal before it is subjected to any further trauma.  This is especially important for people who have had cranial surgery and have to return to an active lifestyle involving work and family.

My Doctor Recommends Equipment for Special Needs Children but it is Too Expensive

The cost of equipment for special needs children can be very high.  Some insurance companies offer discounts on this type of equipment and may even cover the cost of temporary assistance, such as a helmet while recovering from surgery.  To see if your insurance covers the items requested, it is important to consult with your insurance agent and allow them to speak with the doctor making the recommendation.

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Get Added Protection with Helmets for the Mentally Challenged

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You can get added protection by using our helmets for the mentally challenged.  Our helmets are made from EVA rubber, which gives added cranial protection and reduces the risk of serious injury.  This is an ideal solution for parents who want to protect children who suffer from self-abuse or head banging.  They are tested to resist the type of impact associated with falling on the floor or against a wall, which is the leading cause of injury during a fall.

We Carry Adult Helmets for the Mentally Challenged

While children are the most common users of helmets for the mentally challenged, they can also be used for adults who have similar problems.  People who suffer from mental disabilities, such as self-abuse or spasticity, can benefit from this extra layer of protection.  Our helmets can help prevent the type of cranial injury often associated with falling and solid object impacts.

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Helping your child play with Special Needs Helmets

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Children like to go outside and play, either alone or with their friends.  Some children who have certain disorders may need extra protection to help them stay safe.  Our special needs helmets provide this extra protection with specially designed features.  One of the best is a full 180-degree field of vision, so you children will be able to wear our helmets without restricting their vision.

Special Needs Helmets make parents feel more secure

Every parent worries about the safety of his or her child.  This is especially true for parents of children who have certain disabilities, such as epilepsy or cerebral palsy.  These children may need to have special needs helmets to help add an extra layer of protection to their skull.  This helps prevent injuries associated with falling, which is a common occurrence when children play and our helmets help parents feel more secure that their children will not suffer cranial injuries.

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Getting Equipment for Special Needs Adults

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It can be difficult to find the right equipment for special needs adults.  Most special needs equipment is designed for children and little care is made to have items large enough to fit adults.  Our helmets are created to fit any person, so they are great for children, teens and adults.  All you have to do is measure the circumference of the head and order the proper size.

Ordering the proper sized Equipment for Special Needs Patients

It is important to take accurate measurements when you order equipment for special needs patients.  When ordering helmets, it is easy to get the correct measurement.  First, you need a string or a cloth tape measure.  Then you wrap the item around the top of the head, just above the eyebrows and the ears.  You must keep the measuring instrument parallel with the floor, so it may be easier to have a second person help you with the measurement.

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Finding the right Equipment for Children with Special Needs

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When you are trying to choose the right equipment for children with special needs, it is important to consider the type of needs that the children have.  Children who suffer from seizures and problems with balance may need to have a helmet to protect them from cranial injury.  Our helmets are designed to protect these children and offer them the opportunity to play and go to school safely.

Ordering Equipment for Children with Special Needs Online

It is easy to order helmets are part of the equipment for children with special needs.  We offer a variety of different sized helmets to fit any child or adult who suffers from disorders where they need extra cranial protection.  We have instructions on measuring the child’s head to insure you get the correct sized helmet.  Our helmets are extra protection for children who suffer from epilepsy, cerebral palsy or other disorders that affect their balance or cause seizures.

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Feeling more secure with Protective Helmets for Epilepsy

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Parents worry about their children, especially about children who suffer from epilepsy.  These children can have a seizure and fall to the floor as their entire muscle system stops working.  With protective helmets for epilepsy, you can help protect your child from serious injury during one of these falls.  Our helmets are made from the highest quality EVA rubber, so they are designed to withstand the type of impact that occurs during a fall.

Measuring your child to order Protective Helmets for Epilepsy

It can be intimidating to try to order protective helmets for epilepsy because you may not know the exact size of your child’s head.  To make it easier, we offer a few simple suggestions.  First, if you do not have a cloth tape measure, you can use a piece of string and then measure the string.  Second, you can get assistance to keep the measurement parallel to the floor, making it easier to get an accurate measurement on your first try.

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Epileptic children may need Protective Helmets for Seizures

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The main problem for children with epilepsy is that they could fall during a seizure and suffer cranial injury.  Our protective helmets for seizures can help by offering a layer of protection between your child’s head and any surface they may encounter if they fall during a seizure.  They are made from EVA foam and are tested by major sports teams to prove that they can withstand an impact from falling and hitting a wall or the floor.

Getting the right fit in Protective Helmets for Seizures

It is important to get the right fit when you are ordering protective helmets for seizures.  The easiest way to measure a child, for a helmet, is to take a piece of string and gently wrap it around the top of the head.  It should be about an inch above the eyebrows and above the ears.  It should also be parallel to the floor, so it may be best to have a second person assist you when you are performing the measurement.

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